Keep Your Fingers: Wood CNC Router Safety Tips

Yeah, yeah, I know, there is a ton of safety advice for every little piece of woodworking equipment. But here’s some for a tool you don’t hear too often about: the wood CNC router. A brilliant device of the modern era that is definitely much safer than much of the traditional equipment, yet still needs some common sense to use. If you don’t one, read some CNC router reviews on some site.

There are general safety tips that one should follow when handling woodwork equipment; use machines that you have been properly trained to use safely, read the owner’s manual carefully and lastly, understand instructions before use. Ask questions if you are unsure of operating a machine or tool.

There are other safety precautions to be adhered to when using certain machinery. In focus here is a wood CNC router. It is a computer controlled cutting machine used for cutting hard materials, for instance, wood. When operating the machine, it is important to consider the following safety rules:

  • Wear safety glasses and hearing protection when operating the machinery. It not only helps protect against the noise but also protects against any shrapnel.
  • Never undertake any maintenance or clean up when the power is on to avoid the risk of accidental shock. Always put off the lockout power before attempting any maintenance or clean up.
  • Never reach into the working envelope of the machine while in operation. It is advisable to maintain a 6-inch distance between the running machine and any body part as a safety measure.
  • Check wood for defects before cutting or feeding the wood in the envelope such as cracks or foreign objects. Hard objects may clog the machine leading to malfunction, and careful inspection is necessary.
  • Do not leave the machine running unattended. Although machines run under no supervision, it is important to leave the machine to a person in case any defects develop.
  • After using the machine, clean the room and clear it of all debris. Note that the sawdust on the floor and other fragments can cause accidents. Leave the CNC room clean and the way it was before you began your project.
  • If you notice a malfunction, press the pause button on your computer screen or completely shut it down using the emergency power button. If you are unsure of what to do, inform the CNC technicians or the supervisor.
  • Make sure that all the work pieces are secured and firmly in place (well clamped) to avoid shifting during the routing process.
  • Do not operate electric routers in moist, wet or damp environments to reduce the risk of electric shock.
  • It is also very important to maintain your router’s equipment. Replace worn out parts and occasionally check the router. Proper maintenance is essential for the smooth operation of any of you woodworking