I’ll Rather Carve Something Than Wash My Windows

So Jenny and I have been doing some serious housekeeping this month. We had our roof washed, as well as the entire front porch of the house. We even had our walls pressure washed. Now obviously we also had to clean our windows from the inside and the outside -it would have been somewhat odd to leave dirty windows when everything else is sparkly clean.

Jenny assumed that we would do the window washing ourselves. I mean after all, you don’t need any sophisticated equipment for that. You just need a sponge, some soapy water, and a scraper. Of course you also need a ladder because we have a second floor.

But frankly we had somewhat of a disagreement here.

In all honesty I’m not too big on doing things like washing windows. I know I’ll have to climb up the ladder, my stand in this shaky position, with a bucket full of soapy water hanging off the ladder to my side, try to dip the sponge in the bucket, squeeze it off, hand wash the window, then get the scraper and scrape the window etc etc. I would then have to move the ladder to another place and repeat the same procedure. Frankly it’s all a bit too tedious for my taste, and also a bit too dangerous. As they say, most serious accidents happen not out on the street and not at work, but in the “safety” of your home.

And frankly it takes so much time, I would rather spend this time carving something cool out of a nice chunk of wood – maybe a bowl, maybe a little figurine, maybe even try a musical instrument. (This last one is something that I’ve always wanted to try.)

After a bit of back-and-forth, we decided to just hire professionals from Kennewick to wash our windows. After all it doesn’t cost all that much, and they do it quickly and the result is likely to be much better than whatever I would be able to achieve with my bucket of soapy water. By the way don’t assume that you can wash windows properly with a window cleaning spray. Professionals always use soapy water, from what I gather.

In any case the major housekeeping for the season is complete. Everything is ready for the upcoming spring. When the soil gets workable, out we’ll start getting our garden in order. Last season it was all left in a slight disarray.