Don’t Need a Swimming Pool – I Live By a Lake

Very few things in life beat the feeling of diving into a large mass of water and swimming through it. That first contact with your skin is amazing. The cold that hits you, shocking your body, lasting only for a few seconds before the body gets used to it. That feeling, it gives me a relaxed mood, and I get to forget about the rest and focus on stretching my body out. I also get some exercise out of it. My blood pumps right, and I remain fit when I swim frequently.

I live next to a lake. While some people have to find a pool near them or construct one of their own in their backyard, I am lucky enough to simply go to the lake whenever I want to go for a swim. And I think it’s pretty cool.

Why don’t I need a pool?

The maintenance costs

Maintaining a pool means regularly cleaning it, checking the water levels and chemical levels among other things. My friend Mitchell who has a house with a pool down in Visalia spends up to about $1200 to $1800 a year on servicing it. These costs do not include repair and utilities which would then double the costs. I have definitely dodged a bullet in terms of maintenance costs.

No chemicals

Swimming in the lake lets me interact with nature as it is. From the small animals inside, the frogs and fish, and the vast plant life in the lake, I am always in commune with nature. I also do enjoy watching the seasons change and their effects on the plant life around the lake; something I never would have had from a private pool. There is a therapeutic feeling around swimming in such an open water body that I would not trade for anything.

Of course, there’s the lack of chemicals as well. No chlorine or anything, as the place remains natural. This gives me a sense of relief and would give any lover of the natural side of life piece of mind.

Breaks the monotony

Swimming in a pool promises limited exciting new adventures. You can only do 30 laps daily for so long without getting bored of doing the same thing again and again, seeing the same view, going the same distance. The lake does give me space for adventure; I can explore new corners of the lake, see unique views and get a different experience.

While swimming in a pool is nice, going for a swim is exciting and beneficial. Do try out open water swimming one of these days, you will love the experience.